We’re a health insurance brokerage with agents licensed in states across the country. We will provide you free, no-obligation quotes and we can process your enrollment over the phone. Our licensed agents work with you directly and have a full customer service support team for questions pre and post enrollment.

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Each deal is carefully and individually evaluated; loan approval is based on the following:

The address and physical structure

Your financial commitment (how much cash the borrower is putting in the game)

Current “as-is” value (current equity value)

Borrower’s credit and income — we accept all levels of income and credit, but we analyze to prevent clients from over-extending themselves. Rarely is credit/income a reason for us to deny a loan request.

Previous history with the Hardmoney Company

Good faith deposits are required only after a loan commitment Appraisal services: VA-MD-DC single residential units are $300-$400. Similar Florida appraisals range from $500-$800. Commercial property appraisals are determined individually Legal Fee: $800- $1,800 (larger or multi-unit loans will be quoted separately)

Your information is always safe with us.